I have been involved in several research projects throughout my undergraduate and graduate career. Use the links on the right to find out more about each project!

  1. Sampling Biases Extinction Selectivity: I am attempting to quantify uncertainties in the fossil record, in particular, the backward smearing of Last Appearance Dates (LADs) due to Signor-Lipps effects. This is part of my Earth Systems Research Lab project for first year Masters students in Paleobiology in FAU-Erlangen.
  2. Paleoenvironment and Paleoecology of the La Meseta Formation (Eocene) of Seymour Island, Antarctica: For my honors thesis in Cornell and the Paleontological Research Institution, I studied turritelline gastropod-dominated assemblages from the La Meseta Formation. The two species I studied are Colposigma euthenia and Colposigma capitanea. Paleoenvironmental and taphonomic interpretations were based on abundance, orientation and sediment characteristics. Environmental conditions favored by each species were based on stable isotope sclerochronology.
  3. Deep Geothermal Heat: Cornell University is exploring geothermal heating as a sustainable method to warm its Ithaca campus. I joined the Earth Source Heat Research Team as a technical assistant from July 2018 to April 2019, and was responsible for assisting in risk mitigation analyses, identification and characterization of reservoirs, student volunteer coordination, and design and maintenance of the Deep Geothermal Heat Research website.
  4. Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environments Project: In the summer of 2019 I joined the KAMBE excavation, an interdisciplinary project that studies the relationship between physical architecture, social interaction and social change in Late Bronze Age Cyprus. More information about KAMBE can be found on its official page, but follow my page for my personal experiences!